Investment Plan

We at Hedge Circuit Emphasize on Creating Wealth for every member, We have separated & diversified our business plan range into 3 different packages based on the Crypto Portfolios you will hit the daily Trade Returns ranging between 1.5% to 3.25% daily


Bonus Income Plans

Residual Plan

A company's residual income is the capital leftover after they have completed all their financial obligations. It signifies, and is utilized to measure, the performance of a business, a department within it or even certain investments made by it.

Overall, the more residual income you have, the more financial freedom you have to scale your business and make choices that benefit internal and external stakeholders, such as investors or employees. It also gives companies the chance to evaluate their key performance indicators to see if they need to be altered to track the success of the company.

Our Residual Income helps you make extra income on your Referrals

Here is the list of the rewards

  • 1. Rewards will be paid instant once the Condition is met
  • 2. Rewards are not accumulative, every reward you achieve begins from 0
  • 3. Rewards are calculated on the payments coming from Payment Gateways
  • 4. Rewards will be paid in Bonus Wallet
  • 5. Residual will be paid from day of Bonus Achieved to the day of validity of package

Binary Double Prize Pool

Binary Prize Pool is a Extra Reward paid by Us to all the Leaders who want to build a career in Network Marketing., this reward is paid and calculated on the weekly basis binary matching ,, so get in action to make an additional income on the binary you make daily


  • 1. Rewards will be paid weekly
  • 2. To achieve these rewards you need to claim binary for a week on the above amount
  • 3. Rewards will be paid to bonus wallet

Career Progresion

Career With Us !

Having a challenging and successful professional career can be important to your well-being and sense of fulfilment, and you can often achieve this by developing your career path. Progressive career growth often leads to higher salaries, new professional connections, more opportunities and gratification.

Career Progresion occurs when you use your resources, skills and background to create and reach professional goals or gain new employment in challenging positions. You might progress your career within a company you work for, take a different role in another company, accept freelance opportunities or start your own business based on your skills and expertise.

Career Progresion is important because it allows you to grow your professional skills to succeed in higher-level roles and helps you meet your career goals.


Loyalty Programme